How to Recover iPhone Lost Messages after Upgrading to iOS 9


    This tutorial is talking about how to recover lost SMS/MMS/iMessages from iPhone after upgrading to iOS 9/10.Just follow this use guide to easily get back your precious iPhone messages after iOS update.

Apple just released its new iOS 9 a few days ago and it seems that adoption rates are already quite high. The latest version of Apple's mobile OS brings a slew of neat new features and upgrades and the experience should be significantly better if everything works properly.In some cases it doesn't work,however,and some users may experience issues with iOS 9.Such as lost messages or other data after upgrading to iOS 9.The traditional ways to recover data from iPhone after iOS 9 upgrade is using iTunes and iCloud-two ways Apple officially provides for you to backup and restore your iOS devices.

However,the restoring will erase all of your iPhone data and it request that you have one iPhone backup that created before you lost the messages.Therefore,we provide one simple application iOS 9 Data Recovery for you to recover lost messages from iPhone after upgrading to iOS 9,it is also compatible with other iOS devices,such as iPod touch,iPad Air/Mini.Additionally,you can also use it to recover other types of lost data from iPhone SE/6S/6/5S/5/4S/4 after iOS 9 upgrade as well as iOS 9 jailbreak,such as contacts,photos,notes,videos,call logs and document,etc.


Part 1:Directly Recover Lost Messages after Upgrading to iOS 9


Step 1.Download and Lunch iOS 9 Data Recovery

Download and install iOS 9 Data Recovery.The installation process is easy to do and it lasts a few minutes.Connect iPhone to computer and lunch iOS 9 Data Recovery.You will be informed that your iPhone is connected.

Then select the mode"Recover from iOS Device".

Step 2.Begin to Scan Lost Files on iPhone

Now select the file type to scan and click "Start Scan",the software will scan your iPhone for lost files.When it is done,you will see the list of all files.The list includes messages,videos,call history,photos and so on.If you just want to recover messages,just need to click "Messages&Attachments".

Step 3.Preview and Recover Lost Messages from iPhone

In this step all you need to do is selecting files you want to restore after the scan process is finish.Mark the detail data under the files name and click "Recover" to save them to computer or device.


Part 2:Recover Lost Messages after Upgrading to iOS 9 with iTunes Backup


Step 1.Scan iTunes Backup File

There will be a list of backup files displayed,after you click "Recover from iTunes Backup File" on the top of the program's window.Choose the one for your iPhone and click "Start Scan".

Step 2.Preview and Recover Lost Messages from iTunes Backup

The scan only takes you a few seconds.All the data from the backup file will be displayed in details.You can read them all.Then check the box in front of any item you want,and click the "Recover" button,selecting save the data to device or computer.


Part 3:Recover Lost Messages after Upgrading to iOS 9 with iCloud Backup


Step 1.Run iOS 9 Data Recovery and Select the Recovery Mode

Run iOS 9 Data Recovery and select "Recover from iCloud Backup File".This method requires you to enter your iCloud account ID and password.

Step 2.Download iCloud Backup File

Once you provide the required details and successfully log in your account,the program presents all the iCloud backup files linked to your account.Select the one from which you want to recover and click"Download".

In order to reduce downloading time,iOS 9 Data Recovery allows you to select specific files of your need rather than downloading the entire file.

Step 3.Recover Lost Messages from iCloud Backup

After the required files are downloaded, you can browse through them and mark the detail data you want.The data will be saved either on your PC or directly on your device depend on your decision.

Data loss can be a big pain and we all would like to avoid it.If you are an iOS user,this article is useful for you.We have been discussing the best ways of recovering lost data from iPhone after iOS 9 upgrade with iOS 9 Data Recovery of three modes for your reference.

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